Ensuring Safe Workspaces

About Lumnicleanse

LumniCleanse can offer the solutions you need to ensure a safe future.

Effective disinfection should not be difficult. It is not just about dealing with the here and now and the COVID-19 pandemic, it is about how we can prevent this from happening again and move forward effectively and positively. Let us help you get back on track safely and minimise the risk of spreading COVID-19 and reduce the risk of contracting and spreading of other bacteria and viruses.

Infection prevention and control is essential and this is our mission. Where it was once mainly the concern of those in the health sector and food production, it is now on a much broader scale. This pandemic has had a significant impact on the economy, workflow, productivity and the mindset of people. All businesses must now seriously consider their role and the part they play to survive and return life to a safe and manageable existence.

Government guidelines and strict health and safety regulations are in place and need to be followed to avoid health hazards. Employers are legally responsible for carrying out risk-assessments protecting workers and others from risks to their health and safety.

The challenges are there but so are the solutions.

We at LumniCleanse understand this and we are here to help you open doors and give access to your facilities and properties safely and with confidence. We aim to provide all businesses with bespoke floor to ceiling solutions to meet all people traffic/footfall needs/requirements of the current market; and our aim is to be involved, stay one step ahead and compete with technology advancement in the future. We supply a suite of industry-leading sterilisation products, including UVC technology, offering faster, more effective and safe disinfection solutions compared to traditional methods that will help you with your protection strategy. Our UVC sanitisation products have no risk of chemical residue, completely toxic free and do not cause damage to the environment. All of our products are integrated with software and artificial intelligence to ensure we can offer you something you can purchase that you know will be of use for years to come.

LumniCleanse is here to help and guide you with your product choice and understand your business requirements from start to finish and beyond. Our range is designed to keep your spaces and people safe whilst maintaining clean operations and preserve client and employee trust.

Essentially LumniCleanse can offer you solutions to automise; Infection prevention control; People control; Staff management control and ; Air quality control. We can adapt to your needs and propose the most cost effective solutions for your requirements. We have products and your solutions all under one roof.